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Agriculture, Construction
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Italy's Fiat Group is the parent company of CNH.


"About 370 Italian traders, including representatives of steel group Danieli, energy company Enel, agricultural machinery maker CNH Industrial, Telecom Italia and several banks, are currently visiting Iran to discuss business opportunities." (PressTV, "Fiat in talks for car manufacturing in Iran," 11/29/2015)

"Fiat and its sister companies, Fiat Industrial and CNH Global N.V. (CNH), said they will cease business activities in Iran in support of diplomatic efforts to convince the leaders of Iran to abandon its nuclear program, which is widely suspected of developing nuclear weapons. Iran has denied that it is making nuclear weapons... Fiat Industrial and CNH issued statements with the same wording. Fiat exports cars to Iran while Fiat Industrial exports buses and trucks under its Iveco brand. CNH Global builds farm and construction machinery that is sold in Iran." (Dow Jones, "Fiat Ban On Sales To Iran Seen As Victory In Sanctions Campaign," 5/25/2012)
In a correspondance with the SEC in December of 2009, CNH disclosed details of its sales in Iran.

"CNH’s foreign subsidiaries’ total sales into Iran: $27.8 million in 2006, $42.9 million in 2007, $36.8 million in 2008, and $6.2 million in 2009.  In Iran, CNH’s foreign subsidiaries sell equipment to independent distributors or with the assistance of a commission agent."

(CORRESP for CNH GLOBAL N V, 12/7/2009)