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Value of USG Contracts: 

“FEV partnered Iran Khodro to produce EF7 engine which is a 1.7-liter, dual fuel engine. ‘There is a lot of work to do here in Iran. Iran has very good engineers and have very good facilities for production so everything is available for a very good environment for automotive industry and development activities and since our company supports development of engines, transmission, etc., we look very positive into the future and we are expecting a lot of projects here in Iran where we can provide our services,’ Wilhelm said. With the help of external companies, we can start immediately such projects and it takes a certain amount of time to get the Iranian capabilities ready to act more or completely independent, he said. He also said another two years is needed for Iran to be back on the level it was before the sanctions.” (The Iran Project, “Ban-free Iran will become ME hub of automobile industry: FEV,” 2/22/2016)


FEV is a Germany-based global supplier of engine, powertrain, and instrumentation systems. 

According to an industry publication, FEV designed and developed a new dual-fuel compressed natural gas engine in Iran. FEV Motorentechnik GmbH lists a representative office in Tehran on its website.

FEV has received $130 million in US government contracts over the past decade, including $16 million from the Department of Defense.


Supplier of engine, powertrain, and instrumentation systems. FEV lists a representative office in Tehran and has received over $130 million in U.S. government contracts.